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We are a creative team of designers and programmers with strong design skills and several years of experience in Web and Software Development. We can contribute in all facets of design: Stationary, flyers, brochures, magnets, calendars, product catalogs, product shoots, ad campaigns, instruction manuals, newsletters, packaging, branding, ads, collateral, high quality web design, email marketing, Software design, app development and more. We Offer End-To-End Product Development Services Including Prototyping, Patent, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, And Marketing Services. Everything You Need To Develop A New Product And Bring It To The Market! Contact us for more information: info@hceti.com
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We offer end-to-end new product development services including design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing services. Every product developed begins with a problem in need of a solution. At HCETI Design we are dedicated to patentability of product ideas, product research, user experience exploration, industrial design, mechanical and electronics engineering, firmware and software, APP development, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing services to launch your product idea. We are a product development corporation founded to help our clients bring products all the way to the market, and not just the fuzzy front end or stopping at prototyping. And we have the experience to do this as all designers and engineers are all senior level with a large number of products they each have taken to the market. Wouldn’t you want the best talent working on your product?


We will make sure that your product is designed with the best manufacturers to ensure quality and success of your product.


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Web Design

At HCETI, we will design and maintain your website to meet your needs 100%. To do that, we love to use platforms that are easily facilitated to meet your standards.

What set’s us apart from the rest? Well, we make every effort to spend enough time with our clients to come up with a personalized design that best suits their business. Our developers are ready to be challenged with your design and functionality requests.

Ecommerce Solutions

HCETI builds, launches and manages comprehensive ecommerce solutions providing an acquisition and distribution channel for brands that will leverage best-in-class technologies and performance marketing techniques to realize their full online potential. Your digital presence will reach throughout the customer journey with responsive messaging optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Integrated Marketing

Our performance marketing services team is modeled after a digital agency, covering every aspect of the digital landscape, using industry-leading technologies integrated with your ecommerce platform to develop and execute an expert online marketing plan for your business. Unique from other top marketing agencies, we don’t get paid to spend, we get paid to perform.

Business Branding

Logo creation is a game of balance between what works for web design, and what your needs are. We take the time to understand your company, so our experienced designers can create a look that works for your brand and represents your website.  With our website design services you can implement the image you want to create for your business in the online marketplace. The blending of style and technology we offer, in conjunction with our expertise in designing websites is what enables your business to succeed online, so you standout and are just another average website. Our talented web design staff is constantly striving and innovating to deliver and exceed your expectations.


Software Development

At HCETI, we have helped many clients deploy apps to every major smartphone platform. We have developers and designers who specialize in iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. No matter what platform you want to build your smartphone app for, Surge has you covered.


Search Engine Optimization. HCETI guarantees that these three words will change your life. SEO makes it so your website appears at the “organic” search result section that is returned by sites such as Google. When users put specific keywords in the search engine, your website will be displayed as one of the options. Being at the top isn’t easy. Your business needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing. As confirmed by Google, it is one of the single most important tool of any business’s online presence.

Now having social marketing is super important but when paired with SEO, we will make sure that your website has high-quality website traffic.


Have a project for us? Call us now!

(805) 517-4668

(805) 517-4668

Have a project for us?
Call us now!


Trusted by 100+ major brands and thousands of small businesses in 2,500+ cities worldwide

Our process has not and will not let your company down!
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Quote Request/ Project Evaluation

The first step is to gather all of the details and specifications for your website to help determine the scope of the project. In many cases, this process is started via our online quote form. We’d like to know as much as possible about your business and see a few examples of other websites that have the look, feel, and or functionality that you are looking for. (It’s okay for you to tell us about sites that you don’t like too.) If you have an RFP (Request for Proposal), great, but it’s not always necessary.

Information Architecture and Wireframing

Before we start designing the site, we’ll be creating wireframes that outline the general layouts and components the designs should include. This can be a combination of sketches, whiteboard diagrams and/or wireframe prototypes. This process maps out and helps ensure that all of the most important information and expected elements are in place, and gives us a good guide on how the site pages should be laid out and flow. Think of this as the blueprints or plans you need before building a house. Once completed, we’ll review with you to refine for accuracy and use it as the basis for page elements as we design the layouts.
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HTML/CSS Production

Once the design concept is selected and approved by you, we’ll start on the development and production of the site. We code all of our websites using standards-based XHTML/CSS that is highly cross-browser compatible, fast loading, and search-engine-friendly. The site-ready text and images (content) that’s been prepared will be added into each page of the website layout during this phase.

Final Review, QA Testing & Training

When all of the dynamic web programming has been completed, we will review and test the entire website with you. We will also provide training for any administration tools that your site may require. Finally, we’ll do a thorough audit and the finishing touches will be completed in preparation for launch.


When everything has been tested and approved, your training has been completed, and the final balance of the project has been received, we launch the new website and everyone celebrates—Ideally with a nice frosty beverage! Once launched, we’ll be standing by to handle any requests, additions or enhancements for the life of your website, and will plan to check in with you regularly to make sure things stay up to date.


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Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We provide many more services to get your business to the next level, so please feel free to bother us at anytime of the day if you have a question roaming around in your head. Look Forward to speaking with you.

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